What is a Refund?

  • A refund is a reversal of a payment fund back to your payment made to ClickMart in special situations such as stocks shortage, extreme weather conditions, or under government restrictions only.
  • Note that refunds can be approved on ClickMart’s Approval only. Approval will grant upon following conditions.
    • Your amount will not be refunded if the package has been collected by the delivery partner.
    • If delivery partner fails to hand the package to you ( Customer ) , ClickMart waits till the package is delivered to their warehouse.
  • Online payments made via ClickMart.lk will be handled by PayHere.lk

What are the types of refunds processed by PayHere?

1. Instant Refunds

  • When you refund a payment before it’s paid out to your bank account (within 2 days), it’s processed as an Instant Refund.
  • An Instant Refund immediately gets refunded back to your customer as a Void in real-time.

2. Delayed Refunds

  • When you refund a payment after it’s paid out to your bank account (after 2 days), it’s processed as a Delayed Refund.
  • A Delayed Refund can take up to 5-10 days to get refunded back to your customer.

How long does a Refund take to get reflected on a customer’s card?

  • It depends on the refund type.
    1. Instant Refund
      • An Instant Refund is processed in real-time & is reflected in customer’s card immediately as a Payment Void.
    2. Delayed Refund
      • A delayed refund can take 5-10 days or even longer than that to get reflected in the customer’s card as a Refund. Since a Delayed Refund is processed when the payment has already been paid out to ClickMart’s bank account, it goes through the following process which is time consuming.
        1. When you initiate a refund during the day, PayHere waits until the day-end batch process to recover the funds from your bank account balance or future payouts.
        2. At the day-end, if ClickMart’s bank account balance or the due payout has sufficient funds to facilitate the refund, it gets recovered & PayHere processes the refund. Otherwise, it retries at every day-end to recover the funds & the refund will not be processed until the funds get recovered from you.
        3. Once the refund is processed by PayHere, it will take 5 to 10 days from then to be reflected in the customer’s card.

Why a Delayed Refund takes so much time to be reflected in the customer’s card?

  • Similar to an Online payment taking 2 days to get settled to your bank account after getting charged from your customer due to fund transfer cycles from bank to bank via card networks such as Visa & Mastercard, Refunds also move in a similar path, but in reverse.
  • Even though the Payment-settlement path takes only 2 bank days as that path is mostly automated by all the banks using technical systems, the refund-settlement path is still processed manually by most of the banks through human involvement.
  • Therefore it definitely takes more than 2 days for the refund-settlement due to the time consuming manual processes.

What are the payment statuses I see after initiating a refund?

  • Waiting funds – PayHere is waiting until the funds get recovered from your bank account balance or future payouts to facilitate the refund
  • Refund processing – PayHere has recovered the funds & the refund is being processed
  • Refund processed – PayHere has processed the refund & it will reach customer’s card within 5-10 days

I initiated a refund few days ago, but it’s still in “Waiting funds” status. Why?

  • That means PayHere hasn’t been able to recover the funds yet from ClickMart’s bank account balance or future payouts. In this case, Please reach out to ClickMart Support.

Is there a fee for Payment / Refund processing?

  • No. It’s offered completely free of charge as a value-added-service for all.

Which payment methods support refunding via PayHere?

  • Only the card payment methods can be technically refunded via PayHere.
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • Diners Club
  • Following non-card payment methods cannot be refunded via PayHere.
    • Frimi
    • Genie
    • eZcash
    • mCash
    • Vishwa

How can I refund a non-card payment method?

  • If you made a payment via bank transfer, easy cash or any other payment methods, You can request a refund by contacting ClickMart Support. Note that your amounts will not be refunded if the package has been handed over to the courier.


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